Work smarter with the new command palette

To launch the command palette, type command+shift+p on macOS or control+shift+p on Windows and Linux while in Gmail.


This handy tool lets you complete common actions faster with your keyboard. Use it to find information, move to a new location in Streak, or add content to your boxes and pipelines.

We would love to hear from you as we continue to add more actions to the command palette – learn more and let us know which commands you’d like to use in our blog!

Streak data in Google Calendar

Today we’re bringing Streak data into Google Calendar on your desktop with our updated Gsuite add-on.


If you’re already using our Gmail Addon, refresh your Google Calendar to see the new Streak sidebar and find pipeline details alongside your calendar events.

If you’re new to the Streak addon, install it today in the Gsuite marketplace.

Learn more about this update in our blog.

February product update roundup

A quick roundup of recent improvements, polish, and bug fixes.

  • Add new rows - Adding a new row to your pipelines is now made easier with "+" buttons next to each stage header.

Image 2020-02-21 at 10.52.18 AM.png

  • Change Stage in pipeline view - We gave the Stage column a little makeover and you can now use the dropdown menu to change the stage of a box.

Image 2020-02-21 at 11.23.56 AM.png

  • Shortcuts to add new fields to your pipeline - You can now add new fields (columns) to your pipelines from several locations, including the Streak sidebar and the box view.

Image 2020-02-21 at 11.44.32 AM.png Image 2020-02-21 at 11.43.49 AM.png

  • Custom pipeline templates - Custom pipeline templates are back by popular demand so you can build your pipeline from the ground up.

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Unified Replies - In the early days of Unified Reply, messages sent using the new feature were ending up in drafts. It's now working as intended - thanks for bearing with us while we ironed out the kinks.

  • Email filters - If you deleted a box with an email filter, that filter couldn't be used in other boxes. Stay tuned for some big updates to email filter behavior in coming weeks 👀

  • Files in box timelines - We were having issues displaying Drive files that should have appeared in box timelines. This issue is now "filed" under "resolved" 📂.

  • Viewing details from compose window - When composing email drafts that have been added to a box, clicking "show details" opened a blank sidebar. Not exactly what we had in mind 🤔.

  • Quick Add duplicates - Adding suggested people and companies from the sidebar of the pipeline view appeared to create a duplicate box in your pipeline 👯.

  • Box label behavior while viewing email threads - In some scenarios, clicking on the label didn't open the box information in the sidebar. Now you'll see the relevant information when clicking on a box label at the top of an email thread.


  • Preview pane compatibility - The Streak sidebar wasn't appearing consistently for customers with preview pane enabled.

📖 Now offering learning resources in Spanish

People all over the world use Streak to manage pipelines and grow their businesses. In order to provide better support to our customers, we now offer a curated list of our most valuable Knowledge Base articles in Spanish – the second most popular language used by Streak customers.

Gente de todas partes del mundo usa Streak para manejar su flujo de trabajo y construir sus negocios. Para brindar un mejor soporte, ahora estamos ofreciendo una lista de nuestros artículos más valiosos del Knowledge Base en español — el segundo idioma más popular utilizado por nuestros clientes en Streak.

👤 Introducing contact and organization pages

Today we’re launching contact and organization pages to give your team a complete interaction history of the people and companies in your pipelines.

Streak now shows you all of the email communication that your team has had with a particular person or company, plus their box details and contact information in one place.


Streak automatically updates this information so your team has one less thing to manage – just search for contacts and organizations in the Gmail search bar or open an existing contact or organization card to see their page.

Refresh your browser to get this update and head to our blog to learn more!

🔍 Filter results in the Gmail search bar

You can now filter your Streak results in the Gmail search bar. Use the following prefixes to filter results: box:, pipeline:, view:, contact: and org:. new-contact-search.png

We also improved the appearance of your Streak search results – each result fits on one line to display more results with a cleaner look 🧹.

Bug fixes 🐞

A quick roundup of performance-related bug fixes over the last month:

  • Date formatting in exports – an issue was causing dates in pipeline exports to format incorrectly. Blame it on a stray comma 🙄.
  • Slack integration – search commands and notifications in our Slack app were returning errors, which have now been fixed.
  • Adding email drafts to boxes – fixed an issue that prevented a new email draft from being added to a pipeline in certain scenarios.
  • Create task keyboard shortcut – one of our favorite keyboard shortcuts (create a task by typing 'w' then 't' in the box view) went on holiday 🏖️. It's back now.
  • Tasks window – the tasks window got obscured when creating new tasks from the sidebar with an email draft open. Now we're back to multitasking (in Upcoming). ✔️
  • Data validation scrolling – scrolling was broken when viewing long lists of data validation rules in a pipeline.

Reply to your team’s shared emails

Streak now lets you reply to your teammate’s shared emails, even if you aren’t included on the email.

Unified Reply.png

Learn more about replying to shared emails and how Streakers use this feature in our blog.

2019 in review 🎉

2019 was a big year for Streak - and we couldn't have done it without your support! In case you missed anything, here's a quick recap of what we launched.


Learn more in the Streak blog.

Add contacts from the sidebar

You can now add new contacts and accept suggested contacts from the sidebar, which means keeping track of your contacts without losing your place in the conversation.

contacts in sidebar.png

New to Streak contacts? Learn more about managing contacts in Streak and stay tuned for updates.