Streak updates
Streak updates

Coming soon: mail merge with automatic follow-up




Major Feature



We’ve been working hard to launch our newest feature: mail merge with automatic email follow up.

We’re getting close to the big launch and wanted to share some inspiration for your very own email sequences. Today on our blog we discuss the art of the sales breakup email, which is a final email in a sequence of outreach to a sales prospect.

The breakup email is a strategic move in sales prospecting that can help you move on to better prospects, or it could be the spark you need to rekindle the relationship.

Head over to the blog or read our Twitter thread on breakup emails to find the email template and a few tips you can use to break up with your prospects.

Resolved: Delay adding new incoming emails to boxes







We've identified an issue that's delaying new incoming emails from being automatically added to the appropriate boxes using our "autoboxing" or automatic email sharing feature. We're working on a fix and will update you when we have an estimate of when this will be caught up. New incoming emails WILL be added automatically to boxes once this is resolved - just a delay for now. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Please check or follow us on Twitter @Streak for updates.

Resolved: Issue saving edits in boxes







We fixed an issue that prevented some edits from being saved in your boxes and pipelines. For example, comments, tasks, and box updates may not appear to save in your boxes. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused. You can always follow along on and on Twitter @Streak for more information.

New video tutorial: create custom reports and visualize your data





Streak can help you find and visualize relationships in your data 📊

In the newest Streak University video lesson, we’ll show you how to create a report to see your projected revenue for each month in a quarter. Follow along step-by-step or create your own with these skills!

Coming soon: automatic email follow up! Follow along behind the scenes






We’re excited to announce that we’re building an automatic email follow up feature!

This feature will let you schedule a series of emails in advance. Each email is sent to your contacts individually, just like a mail merge, but you’ll be able to automatically send additional emails until you get a reply or the sequence is complete.


Want to learn more? Follow our CEO, Aleem (@aloo), on Twitter as he shares our real time strategies, challenges, and milestones on Twitter.

He’ll fill you in on:

  • How we decided the scope of what’s included in this feature.
  • Our technical approach for building an automated email follow up tool.
  • Realtime updates, including all of the challenges, surprises, and lessons we’re learning along the way.

Still have questions? Ask Aleem on Twitter! He’ll be answering questions and addressing your feedback directly in each tweet.

New video lesson: Filter and segment your pipelines with saved views





Saved views let you filter and segment a pipeline full of boxes to see which opportunities need your attention the most.

In this 3-part video lesson, we’ll show you how to create segments within your pipelines and prioritize work throughout the day.

Part 1: Saved views overview

If you’re still exploring saved views in Streak, start with this quick overview video to see a few examples in different types of pipelines.

Part 2: How to create saved views

When you’re ready to get started, learn how to filter, sort, and group your own boxes. Follow along as we show you step-by-step how to create one of the most useful saved views for any pipeline.

👀 Stay tuned for Part 3 on advanced saved views!

March 11th: Recent bug fixes and improvements






Our dev team spent a few weeks fixing pesky bugs and making sure Streak is running smoothly. Here's a recap of what they fixed last month:

🤷 Google Contact search results not appearing in the box view

When adding or searching for a contact in Streak, we'll show you results from your Google Contacts and existing Streak contacts. However, Google Contact results weren't showing up if you searched in the box view (below). This has been fixed.

👻 No Name contacts 

In some cases, contacts appeared as "No Name". No longer!

📨 Adding an organization from the pipeline turns off automatic email sharing

Adding an organization to a box from the pipeline view turned off automatic email sharing for any existing contacts in the box. This has been fixed.

"Date of Last Email" magic column not updating

A little while back, the "Date of Last Email" magic column wasn't updating with the correct date. In the end of December, we fixed the issue for boxed emails moving forward. We now also made a fix that updated the column data for previously sent or received emails, effectively backfilling your "Date of Last Email" columns with the correct data.

📝 Mail Merge variables not working if entered before email draft is saved

Adding a variable to your mail merge before Gmail saved the email draft would cause an error with the variable - invariably. This only affected the speediest of mail mergers, and has been fixed.

👁️ Email tracking icon misaligned in inbox view 

Email tracking icons were overlapping with the date of the email in the inbox and "All Tracked Emails" folders, causing an unpleasant visual experience. Order has been restored.

🔗 Email tracking "learn more" links takes you to nonexistent page

Clicking on the "Learn how tracking works" link was navigating to a nonexistent page. Not only have we fixed the link, but we've also launched a new video lesson on email tracking for anybody interested in learning more!

💬 Mentioning a team member in a comment doesn't show their name

Mentioning a team member in a box comment typically shows their name in the comment (ex: @Tiana) but occasionally only showed the "@" symbol. Sorry, Tiana! This has been fixed.

🗃️ Notification emails not showing related box details in the Streak sidebar

When you get a notification from Streak about activity in your boxes, you should be able to see the box information in the Streak sidebar and in an inbox label. This information was missing and has returned.

📧 Some Recent Activity email buttons not working for some emails

Some emails in the "Recent Activity" section of the Streak sidebar weren't opening when clicked - making for very anticlimactic results. This has been fixed, so you're now able to open recent emails in the box same from the sidebar.

Task digest emails not sending

Task digest emails are a daily recap of where you stand with all your tasks (think overdue tasks, upcoming tasks, etc.). These weren't sending for the past few months, but have resumed.

New video lesson: 👁️ Email tracking





Email tracking shows if and when an email was opened. It also indicates if somebody opened the email more than once and might be an interested prospect.

This video lesson walks through the basics of email tracking, and a few ways you can use it to make smarter decisions in your pipelines and when following up with leads.

You’ll learn what data is tracked, and how to:

  • enable and disable email tracking
  • create filters based on data in email tracking columns so you can send a follow up or update your leads
  • add tracked emails to a pipeline or create a new pipeline with them
  • test email tracking

We’re adding new lessons frequently — let us know what you’d like to learn about next!

New video lesson: 📬 Mail merge





Mail merge allows you to send personalized, tracked mass emails with just a few clicks.

Use variables from your contacts and pipelines to address your recipients by name, reference their company, or add customization to the message. There’s no Streak branding, so it looks like you sent an individual email to each recipient. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us 😉.

Not using contacts or pipelines yet? No problem — just upload a .CSV file with your data, draft your email, and hit “send”.

Learn how to send mail merges in our new Streak University lesson.

February 2nd: Recent bug fixes and improvements






We started off the year with a few improvements and fixes. Here's what changed:

📖 Clarify API documentation for updating box fields

After noticing some confusion from our customers, we updated our API documentation to better explain how to update box fields using Streak's API

Long mail merge sending times

In some cases, mail merges were requiring several hours to complete sending your emails. This has been fixed.

Delete all fields on an existing contact

For a minute there, you could delete all fields - like name and email - of a contact. This would leave you with a sad, empty, shell of a contact called "No name", so we put up some guard rails to make sure you have some way to identify who they are. (You can still just delete them if you're over it.)

💬 Replying to comments from inbox

So your teammate asks you a burning question in a box comment and uses the @ symbol to mention your name. You get a notification and reply directly from the email… but nothing shows up in the box. SAD! We fixed this so you can reply to comments from the notification email and not accidentally leave your team hanging.