Feedback on Streak tasks?

We're trying to improve our tasks in Streak and could really use your help making the best possible product. Would you mind answering these quick 5 questions for us?

Streak Chat bot for Google Hangouts Chat

Just launched Streak integration with Google Hangouts Chat. Just mention @Streak in any chat room to add conversations to Streak or get Streak notifications sent to Hangouts Chat. Read more in our blog post.

Revamped iPad support + Linked Boxes

We've just released a major update to our iOS app which includes much better support for those using Streak on their iPad. We now make full use of the screen real estate by letting you browse your pipeline in one pane and view box details in the other.

We've also added support for showing linked boxes and navigating between them.

The updated iOS app is available now here

Search for Contacts on iOS

Searching in our iOS app now returns results for Contacts in addition to the boxes. This makes it quicker to find the contact info your looking to email, call or text.

Clicking outside pipeline could check columns

We fixed a bug where clicking on the whitespace area around a pipeline could inadvertently also check a checkbox column.

Holiday Bonus: @Mentions and Replies for Comments

We've made significant improvements to the commenting functionality in Streak. You can now @mention teammates, reply to and edit/delete comments.

Pro-tip: you can reply to the notification emails we send you when your teammates post comments, your reply to the email will automatically become a reply to the comment. @mentions work in email replies too!

View Call Logs & Meeting Notes on iOS

Another update to our iOS app includes the ability to view call logs and meeting notes. In the box view, we've added an interactions tab which displays emails, call logs and meeting notes. Get the updated app here.

Ability to click on email, web and phone links

We had temporarily lost the ability to click on phone, email and web links in fields and notes of a box. This is now fixed and those links are linkified and clickable again.

Contacts available on iOS app

We've just rolled out a new release of the Streak iOS app to the App Store that has support for viewing your contacts!

We'll be rolling out more updates in this area so you can edit contacts and see their info on Caller ID when they call you.

Comment deletion!

A long and often requested feature has just landed. You can now delete comments you've mistakenly made on a box. We'll soon also be adding the ability to edit comments, reply inline to them and @mention other users.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely streak will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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