We experienced an issue beginning at 11:52am and ending at 12:05pm PST. During this time, Streak was not operational, but it is now been fixed. We know this affects your work and we sincerely apologize for the disruption.

Create boxes in bulk from your inbox

Today’s launch lets you create boxes in bulk by selecting emails in your inbox and adding them to a pipeline.


Choose which emails are important and which pipeline they belong in, then watch Streak create a box for each one, add a contact and all of their emails with your team, and even fill in some data for you.

Learn more and watch a short demo video in our blog.

Incident resolved

This incident has been resolved and email threads are appearing boxed as usual. Please refresh your browser if you're still seeing issues with boxed email threads. We apologize for the disruption and inconvenience this has caused. We know this affects your work and we take these incidents very seriously.

Introducing Streak 3

Learn more about the launch on Product Hunt - we'd love your support!

We’re launching our biggest update to Streak ever. These changes transform Streak into a new product that automates data entry and gives you more value than you put in

The updates we are launching today have been a long time in the works and fundamentally remake Streak. It now:

πŸ” Scans your inbox to find leads, opportunities, deals, or candidates that you should add to your pipeline. We then automatically fill out important data for you - like the last time your team received an email from them.

πŸ•‘ builds a timeline of your entire team’s interactions with a person or company automatically.

πŸ”” Alerts you when you’re about to email someone that has already been in touch with someone on your team.

▢️ Provides your team with ready-to-use pipeline templates for quick setup, no matter your use case.

βœ… Guides you towards becoming a Streak expert with a getting started checklist

πŸ“½οΈ Helps you get acquainted and begin using Streak with a series of online video courses.

⚑️ Has a bunch of hidden power-user features (check out our demo video !)

Android Improvements - design, features, and performance

Take your work on the go with Android.


In the most recent version of our Android app:

  • Updated UI to quickly navigate to Streak Upcoming, pipelines, or search.
  • Create and fill in new boxes in one step.
  • Find more detailed box information, leave comments, and edit your boxes.
  • Search for contacts.
  • and more!

Download the Streak app for Android in the Play Store and learn more about these updates in our blog!

Your feedback ➑️ improvements

Since launching contact and organization pages, we’ve listened to your feedback and made several updates to help you build relationships with people and companies in your pipelines:

  • View contact and organization details in the sidebar
  • Hover over contacts to reach out with one click
  • Update a contact's company to create an organization
  • Organization names in search results
  • Delete contacts and organizations

See the updates and learn more in our blog!

Bug fixes 🐞

Our eng team has been busy fixing and polishing Streak - thank you to everybody who took the time to report a bug! Here’s an overview of recent fixes and UI polish – find a more detailed roundup in our blog.

πŸ“¬ Mail merge – We fixed a few bugs that caused mail merges to fail or get stuck without completing the send. (Psst - customers on our Pro and Enterprise plans can now send more mail merges each day. Check out how many emails you can send with mail merge each day in our knowledge base)

➑️ Sidebar – The sidebar was occasionally getting stuck while loading or not opening automatically when viewing certain emails. It’s now back in action giving you the context you need and letting you update pipelines from your inbox.

πŸ“± Mobile – Using Streak contact cards to begin a call and send it to your phone was not working. We’ve got you back to smiling and dialing.

πŸ’… UI – We launched several smaller UI fixes to keep Streak looking good. Among these were battles with dancing buttons, missing shadows, and other visual vexations.

😁 Everything else – We tackled issues affecting formulas, reports, shortcuts, and more. Head over to our blog for details!

Direct links to pipelines, saved views, and boxes

Look for the link icon at the top of your pipelines, saved views, and boxes to share a direct link with your teammates or drop a link in your favorite collaboration tools.

Untitled (1).png

Bug fixes 🐞

A quick roundup of (relatively) recent performance-related bug fixes:

  • "Show Details" for email drafts πŸ“ - Clicking "show details" in email drafts that were composed from a contact card in your pipeline would show whatever last appeared in the sidebar, not the correct box information.

  • Blank messages in Mail Merge πŸ“€ - If you hit "send" on a mail merge before Gmail saved the draft (which happens a few seconds after the last edit is made), you might send a blank email or an outdated draft to your recipients. We've fixed this issue, and we applaud you for getting those mail merges out quickly!

  • Blank screen after email compose πŸ–₯️ - composing an email by clicking the envelope icon for a contact in your box view caused the Gmail window to go blank.

  • Empty reports dashboard πŸ“Š - the reports dashboard wasn't displaying reports for some users. Reports have been restored!

  • Error while importing organizations 🏒 - The importer tool was returning an error if "https://" was included at the beginning of an organization's domain. We've resolved this issue so you can continue organizing your organizations.

  • Adding multiple emails to Streak πŸ’Œ - Selecting multiple emails in your inbox and clicking the Streak icon opened the new Home sidebar, rather than allowing you to add the emails to boxes.

  • Streak Upcoming loading πŸ”„ - If you don't have any current tasks in Streak Upcoming, the sidebar would appear blank or continuous loading. We've fixed it so you can once again see your gloriously empty to-do list.

  • Searching for boxes in new pipelines πŸ” - boxes added to newly created pipelines were not appearing in search results, but we searched for and found a fix!

  • Call logs and meeting notes πŸ“ž - we fixed two issues. First, pasting a long word or link into a log or note would cause the log or note window to right-align to the end of the word or link. Second, opening an existing call log or meeting note and starting the timer would start the time from 0:00, rather than continuing from the previous time.

  • Disappearing linked boxes πŸ”— - we fixed an issue where moving a box to a new stage removed it's linked boxes.

New Android features & UI refresh

Our Android app got a full refresh and more ways to engage with your pipelines. New in this version:

  • Find and edit box details in the new box view πŸ“¦
  • Review recent activity in the box timeline ⏱️
  • Write and reply to comments πŸ’¬
  • Add more detail to your call logs and meeting notes πŸ“ž
  • View and reach out to your contacts from the app πŸ—£οΈ

Learn more in our blog, and update or download the app in the Google Play Store today.