Streak updates
Streak updates

New video lesson: 👁️ Email tracking

Email tracking shows if and when an email was opened. It also indicates if somebody opened the email more than once and might be an interested prospect.

This video lesson walks through the basics of email tracking, and a few ways you can use it to make smarter decisions in your pipelines and when following up with leads.

You’ll learn what data is tracked, and how to:

  • enable and disable email tracking
  • create filters based on data in email tracking columns so you can send a follow up or update your leads
  • add tracked emails to a pipeline or create a new pipeline with them
  • test email tracking

We’re adding new lessons frequently — let us know what you’d like to learn about next!

New video lesson: 📬 Mail merge

Mail merge allows you to send personalized, tracked mass emails with just a few clicks.

Use variables from your contacts and pipelines to address your recipients by name, reference their company, or add customization to the message. There’s no Streak branding, so it looks like you sent an individual email to each recipient. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us 😉.

Not using contacts or pipelines yet? No problem — just upload a .CSV file with your data, draft your email, and hit “send”.

Learn how to send mail merges in our new Streak University lesson.

February 2nd: Recent bug fixes and improvements


We started off the year with a few improvements and fixes. Here's what changed:

📖 Clarify API documentation for updating box fields

After noticing some confusion from our customers, we updated our API documentation to better explain how to update box fields using Streak's API

Long mail merge sending times

In some cases, mail merges were requiring several hours to complete sending your emails. This has been fixed.

Delete all fields on an existing contact

For a minute there, you could delete all fields - like name and email - of a contact. This would leave you with a sad, empty, shell of a contact called "No name", so we put up some guard rails to make sure you have some way to identify who they are. (You can still just delete them if you're over it.)

💬 Replying to comments from inbox

So your teammate asks you a burning question in a box comment and uses the @ symbol to mention your name. You get a notification and reply directly from the email… but nothing shows up in the box. SAD! We fixed this so you can reply to comments from the notification email and not accidentally leave your team hanging.

New video tutorial: Create email templates and saved replies with snippets

Snippets are email templates that you can use to fill in a subject line and email body.

They save you from needing to type out repetitive or common emails and responses, and you can share them across our team to make sure you have consistent messaging with customers and leads. ‍

In this video, we’ll learn how to:

  • Create a snippet from an email draft
  • Use snippets in emails, for common responses, and to quickly insert links and other resources into emails
  • Share snippets with your team for consistent and accurate messaging
  • Increase efficiency and use best practices with snippets

New video tutorial: Add contacts and organizations, automatically share emails

Do you get tired of manually adding emails and reminding your team to share theirs? We sure do, but Streak solves this problem with automatic email sharing.

The first step to enabling this feature is adding contacts and organizations to our boxes. Once they’re added, you can build a complete timeline of their interactions with your entire team - automatically.

In this video, you’ll:

  • See how automatic email sharing works
  • Learn how to keep certain emails private
  • Explore each way to add contacts and organizations to your boxes

January 12th: Recent bug fixes and improvements

We finished out the year (and began the new one) with bug fixes and user experience improvements. Here's a recap of what changed:

Creating tasks in box view

When typing in the task pop-up in the box view, the cursor sometimes jumped to the beginning of the text. This small but surprisingly maddening bug has been fixed. Task masters rejoice!

👤 Creating contacts getting stuck in sidebar

Creating a contact could result in a never-ending "creating" state in the sidebar. This has been fixed.

🔑 Override data validation when creating new boxes

Although admins have the option to override data validation (available on pro and enterprise plans) rules, they weren't able to do so when creating new boxes. We've fixed this, meaning you can create boxes with blank fields that are otherwise required.

🔒 Data validation for formula columns

Streak wasn't properly assessing formula columns in some cases of data validation, which might cause a rule to be incorrectly triggered–even when you did everything right! This has been fixed and we apologize for any unwarranted scolding.

📄 Boxed files slow to download and open

Files in boxes were downloading and opening at dial up internet speeds, which nobody has time for these days. This has been fixed, so you won't have to take a mental trip to the 90s every time you open an attachment.

🔗 Copy box and pipeline links with one click

We did away with a redundant click to copy links to boxes, pipelines, and saved views. Small efficiencies add up, and you can now copy a link to your work in Streak with one click.

👁️ Email tracking magic columns

In some cases, Streak wasn't properly updating email tracking magic column data. We've fixed this so you can use the newest type of magic column to follow up with engaged prospects and use this data for saved views and more.

Our top 10 launches of 2020 and a huge thank you!

Well, we sure couldn’t have predicted the twists and turns that defined the year 2020, but one thing has remained a constant: our gratitude to you and all of our customers!

Thank you for passing along product feedback, challenging us to think outside the box, and sharing your success stories with our team 🙏

In case you missed anything, we recapped our top 10 product launches of 2020:

You can also find the video and a brief write-up of each launch in our blog.

From our team to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year and look forward to working with you in 2021 💫

December 15th-16th outage postmortem

We experienced a disruption to Streak service throughout December 15th and 16th. We know that your ability to work was affected during these days, and we're deeply sorry for this setback.

We take these issues seriously and have dedicated resources to preventing future issues.

Find more information about what happened and how we're preventing similar issues in a postmortem on our blog.

Issue saving content to box timeline

We're currently investigating an issue with saving content (comments, tasks, call logs, meeting notes) to the box timeline.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will share an update within 30 minutes or as soon as we have more information.

Please visit or follow us on Twitter @Streak for updates.

New video lesson: Contacts and organizations

Last month we launched our Streak University site, which hosts a series of bite-sized video lessons that allows you to structure your own learning and training in Streak.

Our newest video explains the relationship between contacts, organizations, and boxes in your pipelines.

You’ll also learn how Streak automatically:

  • enriches your contact information
  • builds a timeline of your entire team’s emails with contacts and organizations
  • shows you how contacts and organizations are involved in all of your pipelines