Pipeline toolbar refresh!

We've updated the toolbar in the pipeline view to make it clear when you have boxes selected. When you do, you can also take mass actions on them like changing their stage, sending a mail merge or exporting them.

Filter stages in Zapier Trigger

We have made an improvement to one of our Zapier Triggers. If you use our "Box Stage Change" trigger, you can now specify to only fire the trigger when the box is moved to a specific stage instead of any stage change.

Contacts exported to Google Sheets now show Box name

When you export Boxes and Contacts to Google Sheets we now include the Box name in the Contacts sheet. This lets you associate the contact with the corresponding Box its in.

Less limits when importing contacts into Streak

We no longer have a limit to the number of contacts per box you can import into Streak. We've also fixed several minor bugs with importing from Google Sheets. More info on our Google Sheets importer here.

Streak for Android + Major update to iOS app

Two exciting updates today:

  1. Streak for Android is here!
  2. Major revamp of our iOS app

We're happy to announce our brand new Android app for Streak. It supports viewing boxes, making quick edits and search. Grab it from the Google Play Store!

Also, we've just launched a major update to our Streak iOS app. It has been updated with a fresh new look, supports landscape mode and runs great on an iPad. More updates coming really soon. You can grab the latest release from the App Store

Read more about todays announcements on our blog.

File downloads correctly named

When downloading files from a box, we now correctly set the filename based on the attachment it came from. Previously, we mistakenly named files 'content'.

Formula Support for Contacts

Formula columns can now reference your Contact columns to check whether contacts are set or not. Bonus is it works with our Data Validation feature as well. Useful to implement rules like "Only allow a box to move to the contacted stage if a contact has been added to the box".

Emails sent from Contacts now auto-boxed

Our contact cards have super useful shortcuts for emailing, calling and scheduling events with them. Now when you open a contact from a box and choose to email them, we'll automatically add that email to the box without you having to do the manual work.

Fixes for Google Sheets Export

We've just improved our Google Sheets Export. If you haven't used this before you can simply goto your pipeline, hit the "More" menu and select "Export Boxes". This will export your boxes & contacts to a new or existing Google Sheet.

Fixes just launched:

  1. Exports include the "Email Addresses" column if its in your pipeline.
  2. Linked boxes are now exported if they are visible in your pipeline.
  3. The ID column is now exported if it is visible in your pipeline.
  4. CSV downloads of the exports have clearer file names
  5. The name of the export contains the current date and time in your local timezone.
  6. The tabs in the exported Google Sheet contain the pipeline name so that you can export multiple pipelines to the same Google Sheet.

Faster saved views

Have large pipelines with complex saved views? We've made loading of saved views much faster. For views you've already seen in the past, they'll load instantly the next time you view them.

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