Ability to click on email, web and phone links

We had temporarily lost the ability to click on phone, email and web links in fields and notes of a box. This is now fixed and those links are linkified and clickable again.

Contacts available on iOS app

We've just rolled out a new release of the Streak iOS app to the App Store that has support for viewing your contacts!

We'll be rolling out more updates in this area so you can edit contacts and see their info on Caller ID when they call you.

Comment deletion!

A long and often requested feature has just landed. You can now delete comments you've mistakenly made on a box. We'll soon also be adding the ability to edit comments, reply inline to them and @mention other users.

Improved Snippet Editing

We've listened to a lot of your feedback on the editing experience for Snippets have just launched a few improvements. We now make it easier to edit everything about a Snippet by placing the fields for name, shortcut and pipeline right in the compose window.

Mail Merge Bug Fixing

On the heals of our revamped Mail Merge functionality, we've cleaned up and fixed a ton of bugs issues.

Updates to Streak iOS app

We've just launched a new version of our iOS app that significantly improves the sign in experience, fixes several bugs and brings back the ability to add emails to boxes from the Inbox view. You can get the updated app here.

Bug Fix Wednesday!

We've focussed the last few weeks on addressing a bunch of bugs, here's some notable ones we've just fixed:

  • several fixes to mail merge, most notably the ability to add variables to links and images in your email
  • exporting your pipeline to Google Sheets now takes into account your locale so dates are formatted correctly
  • Social URL's in your contacts and organizations are now always formatted correctly
  • stability fixes to our Google Sheets Importer
  • fix a bug where stage colors couldn't be updated in some cases

Fast filtering on any column

We've added the ability to filter any column quickly by right clicking on a column header. The resulting dropdown has the ability to filter the column using the most common operations. You can quickly filter on multiple columns and then save the view for easy access later.

Refresh of Streak Snippets

We've made some pretty great improvements to Streak Snippets. You can now use Gmail to edit your snippets which means richer formatting and a familiar interface. We also now show who created the snippets, especially handy for shared snippets. More info here.

Importing many contacts now supported

We've fixed an issue where importing many contacts using our Google Sheets Importer could hang indefinitely or be very slow. You can now import many more contacts much faster.

No published changelogs yet.

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