Bug fixes 🐞

A quick roundup of performance-related bug fixes over the last month:

  • Date formatting in exports – an issue was causing dates in pipeline exports to format incorrectly. Blame it on a stray comma 🙄.
  • Slack integration – search commands and notifications in our Slack app were returning errors, which have now been fixed.
  • Adding email drafts to boxes – fixed an issue that prevented a new email draft from being added to a pipeline in certain scenarios.
  • Create task keyboard shortcut – one of our favorite keyboard shortcuts (create a task by typing 'w' then 't' in the box view) went on holiday 🏖️. It's back now.
  • Tasks window – the tasks window got obscured when creating new tasks from the sidebar with an email draft open. Now we're back to multitasking (in Upcoming). ✔️
  • Data validation scrolling – scrolling was broken when viewing long lists of data validation rules in a pipeline.