Bug fixes 🐞

Our eng team has been busy fixing and polishing Streak - thank you to everybody who took the time to report a bug! Here’s an overview of recent fixes and UI polish – find a more detailed roundup in our blog.

πŸ“¬ Mail merge – We fixed a few bugs that caused mail merges to fail or get stuck without completing the send. (Psst - customers on our Pro and Enterprise plans can now send more mail merges each day. Check out how many emails you can send with mail merge each day in our knowledge base)

➑️ Sidebar – The sidebar was occasionally getting stuck while loading or not opening automatically when viewing certain emails. It’s now back in action giving you the context you need and letting you update pipelines from your inbox.

πŸ“± Mobile – Using Streak contact cards to begin a call and send it to your phone was not working. We’ve got you back to smiling and dialing.

πŸ’… UI – We launched several smaller UI fixes to keep Streak looking good. Among these were battles with dancing buttons, missing shadows, and other visual vexations.

😁 Everything else – We tackled issues affecting formulas, reports, shortcuts, and more. Head over to our blog for details!