Streak updates
Streak updates

Changelog: iOS fixes and updates




We recently launched a completely new version of our iOS app. This included new layouts for iPad and iPhone, as well as new functionalities in the app.

Since launch, we’ve been busy pushing out a few fixes to make the experience smoother and more intuitive.

Using an Android device? We have an app for that, too.

Recent updates

✔️ Tasks assigned on creation Similar to the desktop version of Streak, you’ll be assigned to any tasks you create by default. Change the assignee to any of your teammates to assign the task to them.

🔗 Tappable URLs URLs and email addresses in box fields weren’t tappable, but have been fixed so you can navigate directly to the link destination.

🗂️ Box field order For consistency, box fields are not arranged according to the order they’re set in the Streak desktop version.

💬 In app feedback The send button for in-app feedback wasn’t working - but this has been fixed and we want to hear from you!

🗑️ Deleting boxes This version fixes a bug where deleting boxes could sometimes fail.

🖊️Gmail signature preview You can now preview your Gmail signature in the app settings.

📥 Empty mailbox placeholder The app sometimes showed an empty mailbox placeholder when it shouldn’t in the mailbox view. This has been fixed so you’ll see the correct

📫 All Mail mailbox The All Mail mailbox wasn’t functioning in our iOS app, but is back in action.