Streak updates
Streak updates

Coming soon: automatic email follow up! Follow along behind the scenes






We’re excited to announce that we’re building an automatic email follow up feature!

This feature will let you schedule a series of emails in advance. Each email is sent to your contacts individually, just like a mail merge, but you’ll be able to automatically send additional emails until you get a reply or the sequence is complete.


Want to learn more? Follow our CEO, Aleem (@aloo), on Twitter as he shares our real time strategies, challenges, and milestones on Twitter.

He’ll fill you in on:

  • How we decided the scope of what’s included in this feature.
  • Our technical approach for building an automated email follow up tool.
  • Realtime updates, including all of the challenges, surprises, and lessons we’re learning along the way.

Still have questions? Ask Aleem on Twitter! He’ll be answering questions and addressing your feedback directly in each tweet.