Streak updates
Streak updates

Email tracking, design updates, and new features for iOS app





We completely revamped our mobile app for iOS, giving it tons of new features, updated page designs, and UI improvements. It’s chock full of new functionality on both iPhone and iPad devices.

🎁 New features and functionality

  • Email tracking from your mobile device
  • 3-column layout on iPad
  • Today view on iPad
  • Create a complete box in one step
  • Edit mode
  • Quickly add call logs and other content
  • Add an email to multiple boxes

🔍 Faster and more comprehensive searches

  • Search contacts and boxes together
  • Scan results faster
  • Saved recent searches

📐 New page designs

  • Single page design in box view
  • Recent activity section
  • View stages in a list
  • Higher pipeline density
  • Improved tasks view

👀 Accessibility settings

  • Better legibility
  • Dark mode support

Read more about these updates and how you can use the iOS app on the go in our blog.

Download the iOS app or Android app today.