Introducing Streak 3

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We’re launching our biggest update to Streak ever. These changes transform Streak into a new product that automates data entry and gives you more value than you put in

The updates we are launching today have been a long time in the works and fundamentally remake Streak. It now:

🔍 Scans your inbox to find leads, opportunities, deals, or candidates that you should add to your pipeline. We then automatically fill out important data for you - like the last time your team received an email from them.

🕑 builds a timeline of your entire team’s interactions with a person or company automatically.

🔔 Alerts you when you’re about to email someone that has already been in touch with someone on your team.

▶️ Provides your team with ready-to-use pipeline templates for quick setup, no matter your use case.

✅ Guides you towards becoming a Streak expert with a getting started checklist

📽️ Helps you get acquainted and begin using Streak with a series of online video courses.

⚡️ Has a bunch of hidden power-user features (check out our demo video !)