Streak updates
Streak updates

Mail merge with follow-up: New features & fixes







We launched our most-requested feature (ever!) three weeks ago: mail merge with automatic follow-up.

Although we did extensive beta testing, we always hear great feedback when we release a new product out into the world. We worked quickly to fix bugs and implement new features based on the feedback we received.

Mail merge new features & updates:

Duplicate a mail merge. You can now duplicate your mail merges. This is a great way to set up an A/B test or create a similar mail merge with a few edits.

✏️ Edit active mail merges. To edit the message in an active mail merge, open it in the “Active” mail merges list and click the pencil icon in the upper-right corner.

👩‍💼 Include internal recipients. You now have the option to include recipients from your own company in your mail merges. Previously, Streak would automatically exclude any recipients with the same domain (i.e. as you.

👁 Remember email tracking preferences. Your mail merges and follow-up messages will use the email tracking setting that was applied when you created the mail merge.

Mail merge fixes:

🏢 Use contact’s address as a variable. Streak wasn’t pulling the location data from your contacts, even if their location was filled out. This has been fixed so you can use the "contact addresses" variable.

↩️ Mail merge reply detection improvement. A small number of our customers noticed that Streak was delayed in detecting a recipient’s reply to their messages in a mail merge. We’ve since fixed this issue so your reply data is up-to-date.

Show magic sparkles for magic columns in recipient dropdown. We forgot to add our favorite sparkles next to the “Email Addresses” option in the recipients tab. Though a small oversight, this helps you understand that these email addresses are coming from a magic column in your pipeline.

📂 Sections in left-nav menu stay open or collapsed after refresh. Streak will now remember whether you had Gmail menu sections (like Mail, Pipelines, and Mail Merge) open or closed so they’ll stay in the same opened or closed state after hitting refresh.

Read the full blog post to see details and examples of each update.